About Jerome, Arizona


The mile high town of Jerome is built on the side of Cleopatra Hill and sits on what was once a huge deposit of copper, gold and silver. Immigrants from around the world eagerly came to work and perhaps even “strike it rich”.

Jerome is “rich” in the history of the Verde Valley and in its past importance to the State of Arizona. We think you’ll agree that taking a historic tour with us is fascinating and fun!


However, labor unrest, fluctuating copper prices and depressions caused the mines to be closed in the early 1950′s. Except for about 45 residents, everyone moved away to look for work. That’s when the “spirits” began to make themselves known. Today, Jerome is known as one of the most haunted towns in Arizona.

Join us on a Haunted Tour and experience for yourself!


Art Galleries, Shops, Restaurants AND Wine Tasting Rooms. Fast Forward to the latest attractions in Jerome: Wine Tasting Rooms of local Verde Valley and AZ Winemakers!

Photos of Jerome courtesy of the Jerome Historical Society